Choosing a practice management system

Choosing and then customising a practice management system is one of the most important decision a firm will make. If properly implemented it can bring the largest return on investment you will ever make in your firm. 

Questions to ask
  • Is my system secure?
  • Will my new system reduce double entry of data?
  • Can my system automate my documents?
  • Does my system provide appropriate reporting?
  • Can my client engage with my system (Sharing Documents taking form input from clients?
  • Do I own my own data and can i easily extract it when required?
  • Can my system help me grow?

How we help. 

Denim can help you choose the appropriate system for you firm, migrate data from your current system, implement the new system and train your staff. Ongoing support, document customisation and IT support can also be provided on a monthly retainer. 

PMS Comparison

Choosing a practice management system requires consideration beyond what the firm needs right now. It should form part of your long term planning. At Denim we can help you design the system so it can assist your business now and into the future. 

Actionstep$60-129 per user per month8 Excellent feature set with a high degree of customisability. A true cloud solution. Setup is not for the fainthearted. Denim's preferred cloud package - use internally for our own law firm. 
 Matter Center
Free 7 Dedicated conveyancing product. The most suitable product for a conveyancing focused practice 
 LEAP $200-$350 per user per month depending on discount2A good option only for a small team of generalist solicitors. Highly problematic data retention practices, poor security. 
 SILQ $70-$90 per user8Great option for firms that don't need a web based solution and would like more control of their data. In built accounting package.
  Infinity Law$ 80-$200 per user (depending on precedents and addons). 6Somewhat dated - but the extensive template library makes the product suitable for larger firms
  Affinity ---- 6Appropriate for larger firms 
Open Practice---- 8Appropriate for larger firms 
 Practice Evolve Fixed pricing with ongoing support. 
Speculation in the market PE will be bought out by LEAP.
4Outdated UI, difficult and often delayed implementation and poor support
 File Pro Per file pricing6Interesting pricing model but better options exist