Leap Legal Software Class Action

LEAP legal software is a practice management software provider. 
After discussions with current and past LEAP clients, it has been made LEAP legal software is a PMS software provider. 
After discussions with current and past LEAP clients, it has been made clear that LEAP makes it difficult for firms to change providers.

Difficulties reported by clients are:

1) Restrictive 3-year contract with a short termination window. 

2) Allowing clients to extract only their documents at a high cost. 

3) Raising prices for clients who have chosen not to renew for another three years

4) Cutting access to by-lawyers until the client agrees to a three-year contract. 

If your firm has been a client of LEAP's within the last six years, please submit your interest in the class action below. 
We will be seeking LEAP to provide an easy way for clients to access their current data and reimbursement for clients that had to pay for data extraction. We foresee the matter proceeding in early 2022. 
Expression Of Interest

Why do firms leave Leap?


While LEAP is a functional system for small generalist firms, Leap is a commodity product that allows minimal customisation and automation. Firms that specialise in any way often have their precedents and their own dataset that need to be used to populate those precedents. Further, they often want the ability for clients to submit forms that they don't want to retype. 

Cloud vs Web

While Leap keeps its data in the cloud, the software runs locally. Managing dedicated computers for staff, no mac support, and the inherent instability of desktop software is why most modern software runs as a browser application. Similar to Xero. 

Cost and Flexibility.

You may notice that Leap does not advertise the price on their website. In our opinion, this is likely done so a higher price can be negotiated with particular firms akin to buying a used car.  Reported fees paid by clients we have dealt with ranged from $149- $400. most competitors, including our prefered partners Actionstep & Mattero, have publicly listed lower prices and don't come with contracts.

Migrating From Leap 

If you need assistance migrating from LEAP to another practice management system, don't hesitate to contact us on 1300 699 999 or email us at migration@denim.com.au. We have developed bespoke tools to extract Documents, emails, file notes, ledgers, WIP and migrate them directly into your system of choice. We specialise in implementation, customisation, and document automation for Actionstep and Mattero and integration with Xero for firm accounting. 

Request demo of alternative PMS systems and schedule data migration.

Class Action